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Vertical Blinds Collections

Vertical blinds have been used for many years as a stylish window dressing for windows of all sizes including patio and french doors. Using the open and close control and the rotation control of our Vertical blinds it is easy to manage the balance between privacy and light flow into your room. When the blinds are closed they can offer complete privacy depending on the fabric chosen or an uninterupted view out of the window when fully open. When the louvres are across the window or door they can be rotated to provide the required light into your room. We offer a huge range of fabrics at differing price levels with different functions eg light reflective or blackout fabrics. Our range of fabrics can be viewed either by colour spectrum or by the function required.

The headrails for our vertical blinds are made from aluminium and coated in white or brown depending on your choice. The price of each blind includes the headrail, weights, fixing brackets and the louvre chains. The chain used to link the louvres is white irrespective of the colour of the headrail, however, all other components which are visable match the colour of the headrail.

Vertical Blinds are great for windows of all sizes right from patio doors to small windows. The versatility of Vertical blinds makes it ever so popular with people looking out for window treatments to decorate their home. These lightweight drapes enhance the look of any room and make it look elegant. Our vertical blinds can drape windows of any shape and size and thus become the best window treatment for your home or office. You can control your privacy and the light entering the room by closing the blinds or drawing them back which will offer a clear view of the vista and can also be tilted to filter the light coming in the room.
Our vertical blinds come in a range of colours, textures and fabrics and are made of high quality products. We also manufacture specialized vertical blinds which include light reflective, machine washable, fire retardant and Black out verticals.

Our light reflective vertical blinds will help you reduce glare of the sun in the summer and will act as insulators in the winter months helping you reduce energy bills. These can be used in conservatories which tend to heat up in the summers with the suns rays pouring in through its many windows. You can also use them in your office to reduce the glare while using computer.

Many of our vertical blinds are made of machine washable fabrics which are easy to maintain and can be used in areas where they can become grimy and wet such as kitchens and bathroom. Our machine washable blinds are made from 100% polyester and can even be easily cleaned with a damp sponge or a baby wipe.

Black out vertical blinds are made of fabrics which are dark in colour and mostly used in a childs nursery or bedroom. If you are a light sleeper and need complete darkness for a restful sleep, then you too can use Blackout vertical blinds in your room. We have blinds in dark colours such as dark blue or black and they will stop any light from penetrating your bedroom.

Vertical blinds which were earlier used mostly in offices are now been widely used as ideal window treatments at home. Our fantastic range of vertical blind are made from fabrics and colours to suit a wide spectrum of interiors. They come in shades ranging from soft whites, peaches and yellows to darker colours used for blackout vertical blinds. They are made from a variety of materials and textures like acrylic, polyester and cotton etc. You can use different types of blinds in your home depending upon your budget and need. has all types of vertical blinds which are available at a very reasonable cost. We never compromise on the quality of our product and offer top quality service to our customers. Our website offers you a comprehensive guide on how to measure your windows for blinds and we also send free samples to customers. We ship the vertical blinds ordered to clients within 5-7 working days once you have placed your order with us. Please contact us for more information.